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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Watch How a Doctor is Threatened for Promoting Health

Many are not aware of how doctors are threatened and even killed if they step outside the medical establishment and promote health and healing rather than just throwing dangerous medicines at their patients.

What you're about to see is stomach turning. A doctor being threatened for doing what doctors ARE SUPPOSED TO DO.... promoting health and healing and to find cures. NOT to suppress symptoms by prescribing  "medicines" that have dangerous side effects often worse than the diseases they're supposed to be "treating."

We must stand up for those doctors who value and protect our health; our lives. We can no longer allow our doctors to be threatened for promoting health and wellness just because the medical establishment cares more about money than they do than finding actual cures and keeping people healthy and alive.

Please know this is not an isolated case. This is common practice. I've had several doctors speak to me off the record about what happens if they promote natural cures or treatments. I've even had a doctor tell me the flu shot killed her mother and yet she's required to tell her patients the flu shot is "perfectly safe."

It's time we support and protect our doctors. In doing so, we're actually defending our lives. Please watch and share this video. We can not allow our doctors to be bullied, threatened, intimidated and worse, killed. This has got to stop.