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Monday, September 19, 2016

I Caught Pamela Geller Lying AGAIN...Shocking....NOT!

If you hadn't seen my previous post on Pamela Geller lying, feel free to check it out here:

I cannot stand this woman. She is pretentious and has such a hate for Muslims she does NOT care to pass truth. She will make up any story to further her agenda.

Recently it was reported that several people were stabbed by a Muslim in St. Cloud. Pamela Geller then took it upon herself to post this

Problem is, that is a very old picture. I recognized it immediately. Medical, military and law enforcement personnel have seen this picture many times in training, I was no exception. I did a very quick 5 minute search and found a site that used the picture... in 2014.  Even though I know it's a lot older than that.

I took another few minutes and found this from 2008

Surely Pamela Geller has 10 minutes to research right? Of course she does. She chooses to do this  deliberately.

A simple 10 minute search and I was easily able to debunk another one of her stories. Unfortunately, most people are trusting of her and do not research. Please send this to all of her followers and allow them to see for themselves.