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Saturday, October 1, 2016

No, California Did Not Legalize Child Prostitution

Recently an article came out claiming California had legalized child prostitution and the rumor has spread like wildfire. So, let me tell you what REALLY happened.

California decriminalized child prostitution. No, that doesn't mean child prostitution is now legal. It means that children will be considered VICTIMS not prostitutes and will no longer be allowed to get arrested for prostitution and have an arrest record. They will be treated as what they are; victims of sexual assault.

Children cannot consent to sex in California but, if they were trafficked or pimped out and caught by police, they'd be arrested and held in detention centers and given an arrest record when they should have been treated as victims of sex crimes.

So folks, this is actually a good thing. They'll no longer be re-victimized by having an arrest record follow them when they were a victim of a sex crime they had no control over. Please correct anyone you know passing this rumor. California is nuts, but for once, they got something right. Now if we could just get them to reverse forced vaccines and psych meds.

I'm Switching to

For those of you who have followed me for a long time, you know that I have been majorly censored by Facebook, YouTube and now Twitter. I've had enough of their shit so I will be using is an anti-censorship social media site. This is what their logo looks like so you know you've got the right site ($10 bucks calls it racist and claims it's a "white supremacist" site Lmao).

It's in it's beginning stages but is already picking up speed. Check it out and if you'd like, follow me there @thepoliticalport

Also, since this is a new site, it has a few kinks. Be patient and let them work them out.

I hope this site ends up toppling Facebook and Twitter... hell even Youtube. All have endlessly censored me and it would be sweet revenge for them to all end up like MySpace LOL

Anyways, hope to see you all there!

Monday, September 19, 2016

I Caught Pamela Geller Lying AGAIN...Shocking....NOT!

If you hadn't seen my previous post on Pamela Geller lying, feel free to check it out here:

I cannot stand this woman. She is pretentious and has such a hate for Muslims she does NOT care to pass truth. She will make up any story to further her agenda.

Recently it was reported that several people were stabbed by a Muslim in St. Cloud. Pamela Geller then took it upon herself to post this

Problem is, that is a very old picture. I recognized it immediately. Medical, military and law enforcement personnel have seen this picture many times in training, I was no exception. I did a very quick 5 minute search and found a site that used the picture... in 2014.  Even though I know it's a lot older than that.

I took another few minutes and found this from 2008

Surely Pamela Geller has 10 minutes to research right? Of course she does. She chooses to do this  deliberately.

A simple 10 minute search and I was easily able to debunk another one of her stories. Unfortunately, most people are trusting of her and do not research. Please send this to all of her followers and allow them to see for themselves.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Why I will NEVER trust ANYTHING Pamela Geller says...not that I ever did

A while back in attempt to make all Muslim countries the same (they're not), Pamela Geller stated on Twitter that Kuwait had executed 20+ gays. Since I had a family member living there at the time, I asked my CHRISTIAN AMERICAN family member if this was true. She stated absolutely not and that the last execution had been about year prior and it was for a child murderer. A few months before that a trio of murderers had been executed but prior to those, the last execution had been about 6 years!

I informed Pamela Geller that the last execution was about a year prior and for a murderer and this is how she answered me:

Now why would she do that? Is she so full of hate that she would dismiss integrity to recant her story? After seeing the Draw Mohammad attackers were managed by the FBI, I wondered if she is part of a government agency that spreads disinfo to further divide the people.
In my research outside of talking to my family member I found nothing to substantiate Gellers claims about Kuwait. I found stories from other countries but not Kuwait.
Either way, there's enough negative things in the world that bunk stories like hers are not needed. Even 10 minutes of research would have shown her error and she could have recanted but instead she blocked me which essentially was blocking truth. And yet, she wants to call Grant Loebs a liar! Pot meet Kettle.

I am not telling you what to do, if you choose to believe everything she says, that's your prerogative but I HIGHLY suggest researching for yourself any of her claims. I find it VERY irresponsible of someone who has so many followers to block someone when an error is pointed out by them. Tells me they HATE truth if it doesn't fit their narrative.

"Truth is treason in an empire of lies" - George Orwell

Friday, July 22, 2016

California Drivers Testing "By the Mile" Technology

Drivers in California are testing technology that would tax drivers per mile they drive. This is of course under the guise of getting rid of the gas tax.

Approximately 5,000 residents across California are taking part in the California Road Charge Pilot program. The study which began in July 2016 will take nine months to complete and will test five different options on how the state can tax drivers. You can be sure the state will go with the option that takes the most money from drivers putting more strain on their already overtaxed wallets.

The five options are as follows:

Odometer charges: Drivers will pay per odometer reading.

Time permits: Drivers will pay for unlimited miles for a specified time period.

Mileage permits: Drivers will prepay for their miles... no word on fees if they go over miles allotted.

Automated mileage reporting with no location data: Drivers will have a device placed in their vehicle that measures and reports miles traveled to a state agency or a private company. They most likely will outsource to a private company outside the state taking more jobs away from Californians just like they did with the unconstitutional red light cameras.

Automated mileage reporting with general location data: Drivers will have a device placed that reports the miles driven to a state agency who bills the driver. But this device also reports the vehicle’s general location, allowing the participant to avoid paying the per-mile charge when driving on private roads or outside the state. It also allows the tyrannical government to know your location at all times. Guess which option they'll most likely choose?

 The bill SB 1077 claims current revenues aren't enough to fix the current road/highway infrastructure even though there's over 8 trillion in tax surplus according to the CAFR and anyone living in California knows damn well the roads are NOT getting fixed and haven't been for years.

Many of the testers admit they're low level commuters which doesn't represent the average California driver at all. The study is looking at a 1.8-cent per-mile charge. For someone who commutes 90 miles round trip five days a week, that would add up to around $421 for the year. But, you know the government never calculates correctly so you can double that fee just to be safe.

One thing that is for sure, the 3 million+ illegal aliens will not be contributing to the repair of the damage they do to our already crumbling roads. Just another tax burden Californians have to suffer thanks to our disgraceful, illegal alien loving government officials.

Friday, July 15, 2016

********UPDATE********* Save Dude and Jude From Government Overreach

After thousands of phone calls, emails and social media posts to The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), I am happy to report Dude and Jude are being allowed to stay! Dude and Jude- 1 Tyranny - 0

Good job and thanks to everyone who responded to help!

Read original article here:

Save Dude and Jude From Government Overreach
You know, I am just so sick and tired of government overreach. The government, no matter it be local, state or federal has become so insane and power hungry. This story came to my attention and it just has me LIVID!

Dude and Jude are two deer that The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has decided all of a sudden they want to take away. These deer that have been living peacefully with their owner for FIVE YEARS! No one has complained about these animals. No one has been injured by them. In fact, they live quite a peaceful, low key existence with their owner Rhonda Phelps Crawford.

Rhonda has done everything "right." When the deer were babies, she asked the government permission to keep the animals and they issued her a permit. You may be asking yourself why I put the word right into quotation marks. Well, because I don't feel what she did was right per se. Right by an overreaching government, yes, but not by a free man/woman. Free men and women don't ask the government permission. And look what it's done for her, it's given the government power it does not rate and now her pets are in jeopardy.

The same agency that gave her permission is now taking it away. They have no care or concern for these deer or their owner. They just see an opportunity to have power and use it. THAT'S IT!

There is no reason to take these deer. They're not abused. They're not a nuisance. They're not harming anyone. They're just an easy target for a disgusting, power tripping agency.

I realize Rhonda, Dude and Jude's story is just one of many.  But we need to stand up and help EVERY TIME we come across one of these stories. It's what we're supposed to do; not cower and let them get their unconstitutional way.

I will put a link below to Rhonda's petition. Please sign it and share it. Let this agency see how many eyes are watching them. Let them know we're no longer going to accept these unconstitutional abuses. WE THE PEOPLE want her to keep her pets!

How much more overreach are we going to accept? We've seen people lose their pets, farm animals, homes, businesses and even their children from these tyrannical government agencies If you don't stand up now who will be there for you when they come for your pets, farm animals, homes, businesses and/or children?

It's time to start being better Americans It's time to take your freedom back and keep it.

Please don't pass this up because "it's only deer." That complacent attitude is what has gotten America in the trouble that it's in now! Thinking someone else will take care of it; a passing the buck attitude (pun intended) is how our government has become the tyrannical beast that it is. It's time to stop being comfortable. It's time to turn off those mind numbing television sets , get uncomfortable and start standing up against these blatant overreaches. Start today by helping Rhonda.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'll Take Groups Like Black Lives Matter & La Raza More Serious When.....

Most recently the news has been riddled with stories from groups like Black Lives Matter and La Raza with complaints about how white people have made their lives hell. I want to take them seriously but, I'm having a hard time because they're still using things whites have invented. If whites have made your lives so bad, wouldn't the first thing be to cut the cancer from your lives? I want to help you get rid of that cancer and thus, I have compiled a VERY small list of things to get you on your way to living whitey free. Don't be intimidated by the length of the list, it's going to help you in the long run.

First things first. NO MORE SPEAKING ENGLISH! Get those white words right the hell out of your mouth. Whew, doesn't that feel better? Wait, wait, wait La Raza....are you speaking Spanish? No, no, no!!! Those are whiteys words too! No more Latin based languages for you! Now, doesn't that feel better?

Next, get off ALL public assistance. You do not need whitey dollars keeping you down!

Now, onto the list. This is just to get you started. You'll have to research everything whites have invented to truly be whitey free. Make sure any employment you seek is only from non-whites and do not have these inventions either.

Air conditioning- Your summers will feel so much better without this invention, trust me.
Airplanes, automobiles subways, trains, steamboats & motorboats, helicopters, motorcycles, snow mobiles
The Alphabet
ATMs, coins, paper money, credit cards
Prepared baby foods, any foods from Europe, frozen foods, hot dogs
Bandaids and other bandages with adhesive...those were racist anyways
Blood banks
Refrigerators, Freezers
Blow Dryers
Bras....let your titties fly free from this constrictive white man torture device
Buttons and button don't need to keep your jeans up anyways
Oh wait, you don't need jeans....whitey invented that too!
Cameras, Film, camcorders
Tin cans, pop top cans
Candles, matches
Cardboard....make your picket signs whitey free without this invention in your lives....They also invented Magic Markers by the way
Cash registers
Cellophane, foil, wax paper, Styrofoam
Cd's, Records, DVD's
CT Scans, MRIs, X-rays, defibulators, EKG's, Oxygen Tanks, hypodermic needles, insulin, heart transplants, pace makers, respirators, stethoscopes, synthetic skin, ultrasounds
Computers, Computer Mouse or should I say mice?
Television and Television remote
Glasses and Contact Lenses....just get laser surgery....oh wait, they invented that too. Eff it, just go blind and read brail.....oh sorry, they invented brail too. Guess you'll have to invent something then, sorry
Oral Contraceptives
Grocery more discounts from whitey! Only FULL price for you!
Metal Detectors
Smoke Alarms
Fake diamonds, yes, rid your ears and watches of this ridiculous invention....oh wait, they invented watches too
Disposable diapers
Drinking Fountains
Movie more worrying about getting kicked out for being loud and obnoxious by screaming out during the movie
Bottle Caps more Newports and blunts for you! Your lungs are so happy no without whitey
Fiber'll for sure have to research everything fiber optics is used in
Paper Envelopes and Postage Stamps....oh and The Post Office, UPS and Fed Ex too
Suspension Bridges
Transistor Radios
Geiger counters
Drive Through windows
Chain saws
Wire Coat Hangers
Ink, Ballpoint pens and pencils
Jell-O....nope Bill Cosby didn't invent it, sorry.
Washing Machines, Laundromats
Light Bulbs...remember, whitey invented candles and matches too so you'll have to find a new way to light your homes and offices
Linoleum...rid your floors of this ugly travesty
LCD screens
Locks and Keys
Loudspeakers'll have to substitute with butter but I think whites invented that too
Baseball, Basketball, American Football
Mobile Homes
Electric tape, Scotch tape and wire
Refrigerated Trucks
Compressed Rubber
Oil Lamps and Oil wells
Nail Clippers
Paper Towels
Hearing Aids
Ketchup and Mustard...and probably mayo too
Modern Universities
Community Electrical Utilities
Petroleum Jelly
Post It Notes
Potato Chips
Electric fades needed
Rubber bands
Safety'll have to use unsafe pins from now on
Satellites more smooth jazz for you
Sewing Machines
Shoe Laces
Slot Machines.....keep your debit cards, coins and paper money all for yourself....oh wait more smelling like the white man
Discount stores
Water Treatments
Mass produced steel
Stainless steel
Sound Recording
Electric and Gas stoves
Music synthesizers
Dry wall
Tea bags
Teddy Bears
Telephones, Cell Phones and Voicemail
Toilet Paper
Flushing Toilets
Steel Plows and Tractors
 Electric Vacuums
Video Games
Video Recorder
Video tapes
Zamboni....sorry, can't play hockey now....wait, that might have been invented by whitey anyways, research to confirm

Now, before you go off on some inventions created by blacks, I want to educate you on their accomplishments so you know what inventions you can totally use....or not

Ok, now that you have been given a starter list, go forth and cut that cancer out!! I'm anxious to find out how it's working out for you. Make sure to leave a comment here, but get an Asian to type it for you since you'll no longer be using computers.....or much else for that matter.