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Monday, May 2, 2016

Yes, Vaccines Cause Autism.

Due to my own vaccine injury I have been studying vaccines for almost 20 years. I have spent numerous hours talking to other vaccine injured veterans as well as parents of children injured by vaccines. I have spoken to thousands of parents with autistic children. One thing always is said "I noticed a difference in my baby immediately after they were vaccinated."

Over 3.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with autism. Per the CDC autism in U.S. children increased by 119.4 percent from 2000 to 2010. 119.4%!!!!!!! You know what else has increased? Childhood vaccinations and they're set to go up even more!

I'm tired, so very tired of people claiming vaccines do not cause autism. Seriously,
with over 3.5 million people diagnosed with autism do you really think they'll ever admit that vaccines are the cause?!?! That would be a death sentence for them and they know it. It's better to just hide the information, keep making children sick and have lifetime clients than it is to admit you've intentionally maimed children and ruined families forever.

They realized parents were catching onto the fact babies were changing overnight after their vaccines so they needed a new tactic, one that would help them claim autism was something you're born with so they started telling pregnant women to get vaccinated; especially with flu vaccines.
Some pregnant women are even told to take fluoride during pregnancy and then give their babies fluoride drops; a neurological recipe for disaster when you add vaccines to the mix.

It is an absolute disgrace, an insult and completely despicable to tell over 3 million parents they're wrong, don't know what they're talking about or delusional that vaccines caused their children's autism. How dare you. To treat these parents as second rate citizens because they have witnessed the damage and decline of their children after vaccination is deplorable.

I always get the question "well what about the parents who don't believe vaccines caused their children's autism?" I have found those parents to be very few and far between. I have found some to be very young and mentally immature and believe anything the medical establishment tells them and do not research on their own. I have found some are so filled with guilt they don't want to admit they allowed their children to become afflicted and I believe some parents are afraid of the ridicule and being chastised. The pro-vaccine crowd is absolutely vicious to these families all the while claiming to care about children.

When radiation causes cancer, no one calls the parents liars or stupid. When penicillin causes an allergic reaction, no one tells those parents to keep giving penicillin "for the good of the herd." When lead in drinking water causes the poisoning of children, no one degrades that small population of parents but for some reason, when it comes to millions of parents who know vaccines caused autism in their children they "don't know what they're talking about" or they're "abusing their children" for not choosing to further subject their children to vaccines.

But it doesn't stop with the parents. If doctors speak out, they're "quacks." They're "not reputable." They're "frauds."

What's it going to take for people to wake up? How many millions more children need to be maimed via vaccination before people get clued in?