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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Parents: Do You Not See The State is Priming Your Children to Become Inmates?

I have been speaking about this for many years. Schools are not there to educate your children. They're there to indoctrinate your children and turn them into what the state wants and apparently what the state wants is good little inmates.

Think about what school once was to what it is now. Some classes used to be taught outside because it facilitated a better learning environment. They'd learn actual life skills from hunting/fishing, sewing, cooking, carpentry, money matters and so on. You'll be hard pressed to find modern day children who can write a check let alone the other things I mentioned.

More and more schools are becoming like jails. Ever been to a jail? If not, I suggest you contact your local sheriffs office and request a tour of the jail. What you'll find is that the jail is not that much different than your own children's school.

Like your children, one of the first things you might notice while walking up to the jail is a fence that keeps the inmates locked in, just as schools have fences to keep children locked in and others kept out.

As you get closer you might also notice the cameras keeping a watchful eye, just as cameras now watch your children's every move in school.

As you make your way into the jail you'll be required to show identification just as your children now  have to present identification and keep it on them at all times.

Once you've presented your identification, your purses will be checked and you'll step through a metal detector just as your children's backpacks are searched before they're shuffled one by one through the detector.

As you tour the jail, you might hear something over a loud speaker your children hears often; LOCKDOWN. Like inmates, children all over the country are subjected to lockdown drills. These drills are being held more and more taking up precious learning time.

You might find a police officer in your children's school walking up and down the hallways. Some of these officers bring a furry little K-9 friend that sniffs around your children's classroom just as they do in a inmates jail cell.

Private prison corporations can now be found in your children's school performing searches

Like jails and prisons, you'll find more schools switching to uniforms. Parents are no longer afforded the right to dress their own children; just as the state dresses the inmates.

Now let's discuss lunch. Like inmates, children are now given a number in order to receive lunch. Some are even required to give a fingerprint or biometric scan of their iris. You'll find more and more schools not allowing children to speak during lunch and not allowed to sit where they want during meal time. Many schools are telling parents they cannot send lunch from home and that their children must eat the state provided lunch served on a tray reminiscent of an inmates meal tray.

A recent article exposed a study that showed children get less outside time than the average inmate. Most inmates get about an hour "yard time" per day. You'll find recess is heavily limited. Not only in the amount of time children are allowed to play but what they're allowed to play. Many childhood games are being banned nationwide. Your children will no longer be able to play Tag, Hide and Go Seek, Red Rover, Touch Football, and some schools have banned running entirely. PE classes which used to be an hour a day have been whittled down to just a half an hour to forty five minutes ONCE per week!!

Contraband is another thing you'll find in schools. On the level of shanks and drugs, if your children bring banned items such as toys, they'll receive infractions like inmates. They might even have to stand before the mean school board to decide their fate for more serious matters like chewing their food into the shape of a gun or having an "eccentric" hairstyle.

Now we're finding that like detectives, educators are being trained how to interrogate your children!! Many will attempt to pull information from your children FOR HOURS without your knowledge or consent! A blatant abuse of power.

Schools are now being given the power to grade parents! A an obvious state overreach that parents have once again failed to stop.

I cannot emphasize enough that school is in no way to educate your children! You'll constantly hear the term "mold." They'll constantly say they need to mold your children's mind. One of the definition's for mold is: to shape out of easily manipulated material.  Another definition states: a form which is given a desired shape. They do not want individuals. They want children to be the same. When they exhibit behavior outside the desired mold you best believe they will be punished for it. No thinking outside the box (cell) allowed.

Do you want children who will grow to be inmates or do you want children who grow up FREE? You need to wake up to the communism that has taken hold of not just the country but in your children's schools by way of curriculum like Common Core and Zero Tolerance policies. By way of stringent schedules and rules that don't allow your children's brains to grow and flourish.

It's time for you to do your job and fight for your children! Either you get off your butts and collectively take over the school curriculum or pull your kids and homeschool them but the time for passivity has passed. It is YOUR job to make sure these kids have a chance in life to be who they are and not "molded into a state's robot.

Make sure you watch this playlist to see some of the ridiculous things going on in schools.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Fake Broken Windows in Brussels "Attack?"

Take a look at the picture below

Don't those windows look awfully fake? They certainly stood out to me as unrealistic.  If not computer generated, they look like windows covered with a film designed to give the appearance of being broken.

Please see here how Apple and other companies have used similar film aka stickers. Pay close attention to the picture of the bus

Some pictures even show broken tiles which would explain the appearance of the ceiling caving in in the Brussels picture.

The angle this picture is taken is a bit suspect as well. Could it have been taken at this angle because the sun would have identified the film by reflecting off of a window that is supposed to be broken?

Many people to include myself brought up the strange appearance of broken windows during the false flag now known as the Boston Bombing. Seems this might be a common practice.

What say you?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Communist Bill That Would Force Teachers to Grade Parents Passes the House

US days are getting darker my friends. Never before in America have we seen such attacks against the family unit and I'm afraid it's only going to get worse if we don't hurry the hell up and take a stand against the blatant tyranny that is plaguing the country.

Mississippi House Bill 4 known as the Parent Involvement and Accountability Act has passed the House.  For those of you still falling for the Democrats vs. Republicans charade and think Republicans care about parental rights and the family unit, this was passed by the Republican controlled House. If you think the vote might have barely passed the House, think again. It was passed by a whopping 75-4!!!!

This psychotic, insane, intrusive bill would have teachers grading parents on: Attendance at parent-teacher conferences (because God forbid you miss one because you're working to provide food, clothing and shelter for your children), whether children get to school on time, whether children complete homework on time (because the state wants to control your home and steal precious family time. Please read this article Is homework even legal ), what grades the child makes, because somehow a kid failing when he/she spends 6-8 hours, five days a week at school is somehow the parents fault, not the fault of the teachers.

This bill will also require school counselors to monitor your children's clothing, how much sleep they get, if there is a lack of school supplies (even though THE SCHOOLS should be providing the supplies), inadequate preparation for testing (it's all about the communist testing these days gotta make sure they have good little slaves...I mean "workers"), include INTENSIVE intervention (aka reprogramming) to address "at-risk" children of the district (you know, the ones who question and think for themselves), maintaining correspondence with the child's teachers through submission of SIGNED forms and SIGNED homework assignments...forcing parents to "pledge" as well as take up precious family time by going over the now hours of homework children are given. Now, this should get you really pissed.... immunizations and medical care... they want access to your child's medical records!!

This Orwellian nightmare also states from kindergarten to 12th grade, homework will be given EVERY night, WEEKEND homework assignments at every grade level, DAILY reading assignments (state approved reading materials I'm sure), DAILY written assignment to accompany the daily reading assignment, a minimum of five (5) words per week in each subject area to learn to spell, define and use in a sentence and a minimum of one (1) book to read per subject each month and must write a short report on the subject matter of the book. This is on top of any other homework assignments given by the teacher. Your children will not have time to bond with you or their siblings or any other family member. They won't have enough time for play which is extremely important.

This folks is where it becomes even more frightening: EVERY parent or guardian of a child SHALL participate in one (1) supportive service for the school district, such as assisting at the bus stop, working the concession stand for an athletic event, chaperoning a school sponsored event, serving in the Parent Teacher Association, or serving as a mentor, resource officer, tutor or other related activity that is deemed appropriate by the school or school district. HOW THE FUCK DO THEY EVEN THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DICTATE WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME?!?

Every child must be required to wear a school uniform like good little brown shirts do. Parents, who should have complete control over their children's attire will have that stripped from them too. The schools will now dictate every aspect of your lives.

Parent-teacher conferences must be held at least two (2) separate times during each nine-week term with the parent and a child who has not mastered his or her coursework for the mid-term or who has demonstrated "bad citizenship" Gotta get those future commies in line.

The school district shall provide a syllabus for each nine (9) weeks with the homework assignments posted for each subject.  The syllabus must contain an agreement that the parent or guardian is REQUIRED TO SIGN stating that the parent understands the child has daily homework assignments and that the parent has received a document outlining the child's work assignments and due dates of the assignments. NEVER, EVER sign school documents. These WILL be used against you. Only emergency cards and field trip slips. If they say you are required to, make sure you put "Under Duress" underneath your signature.

This next section made my stomach sick. It is such an overreach and it is blatant communist doctrine. Students attending an alternative school must attend school for no less than eight (8) hours per day and must attend school on one (1) Saturday during each month school is in session for no more than three (3) hours per day.  At alternative schools, the designated Saturday must be known as "Attitude Adjustment Day."  During one (1) Saturday of each month, the school districts or schools shall arrange for retired military, first responders, volunteer mentors, ministers, parents and any other community volunteers to attend school with the alternative school students and to share their skills and knowledge with the students, encouraging them to become better students and citizens. CAN YOU SAY RE-EDUCATION CAMP? HOW ABOUT INDOCTRINATION?

HERE'S WHERE THEY ACTUALLY COME FOR YOUR CHILDREN: A school district SHALL conduct a basic needs assessment of any student in the district who demonstrates a "behavioral episode" or is referred to an alternative school setting.  Based upon the results of the assessment, the district shall refer the student to the appropriate state or local agency, including, but not limited to:  the Division of Youth Services of the Department of Human Services; the State Department of Health; the county department of health; the Division of Medicaid; the Department of Human Services; the county department of public welfare; the Department of Mental Health; and the local regional mental health center.  Any agency receiving a referral under this subsection must initiate action in response to the referral no later than seventy-two (72) hours after receipt of the referral.

PARENTS WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP???? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILDREN?  They are attacking your parental rights on all fronts. From doctors to schools your family is in danger! If you think you don't have to worry because this isn't your state, think again! California passed mandatory vaccination and since then several other states have lined up to do the same! This insane bill WILL spread to other states.

You have got to take a stand NOW! Do not wait until this is at your doorstep. Your children's lives depend on it! HEED MY WARNING

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Medical Kidapping: Time to Go Back To Homebirths

On any given day in this nation you can go online and read about newborns being medically kidnapped from hospitals for reasons spanning from parents choosing not to vaccinate to the hospital claiming the mother tested positive for drugs...when it was, in fact, the drugs the hospital administered to the mother. More than ever, babies are being snatched up and families ripped apart by hospitals; taking away the very imperative bonding time for mother and baby as well as establishment of immunity via breastfeeding.

However, this horrific trend doesn't stop with newborns. Infants, toddlers, adolescents and even adults are being ripped from their homes for insane reasons like parents questioning a diagnosis, asking for a second opinion or even an when doctors don't agree with OTHER doctors diagnosis!
(Research Justina Pelletier)

Some babies are taken for "abuse" and it isn't until months sometimes years later a diagnosis of leukemia or brittle bone disease is found. Shouldn't the hospitals be looking for medical causes to rule out abuse before tearing a family apart? Of course they should but God forbid the do their jobs correctly.

Many children are abused and even dying in foster "care." One thing is for certain, the numbers of medical kidnappings is rising and it doesn't look like they'll be going down any time soon. That means every child born in a hospital is at risk for kidnapping, torture and death.

Pharmaceutical testing is rampant on foster children. Many medically kidnapped children have undergone experimental and sometimes excruciating medical procedures.

But there is a solution to lessen newborn kidnappings.... homebirth.  Of course, this notion will terrify most women, but it actually is a fantastic option for low risk births.

Most women have no idea hospital births are longer because of interventions, being cast to a bed on their backs and lack of food. Most women are never taught relaxation methods that can slash their pain levels. Most are never taught that interventions like pitocin cause their contractions to be 10 times stronger than natural contractions, which usually leads to IV drugs and/or epidurals. They're not taught epidurals and laying on their backs can stall labor for hours and cause doctors to push dangerous C-sections. They're not in instructed walking and changing positions bring the baby down. Most women have no idea being checked for dilation and catheter usage cause infection. Instead of being checked for dilation they should be trained in the stages of labor.

Women in hospitals are chastised if they want to eat. Eating is essential. Food = energy. Labor requires energy. But once food is not allowed chances of intervention be it vacuum, forceps or C-sections goes up.
They're not taught having a doula can shorten their labor by about an hour.  A Cochrane review of 15000 births using doula support and traditional care showed:

"women who received continuous support were more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and less likely to have any pain medication, epidurals, negative feelings about childbirth, vacuum or forceps-assisted births, and C-sections. In addition, their labors were shorter by about 40 minutes and their babies were less likely to have low Apgar scores at birth."

Studies have also shown lower C-section rates in places where midwives have independent practices

I believe it is now imperative that as many women AND men should become midwives and doulas. Not only can this help bring down unnecessary, dangerous C-sections, but it will also stop a huge percentage of unnecessary, damaging medical kidnappings.

The fight to maintain the family unit is stronger than ever. The family unit is being attacked on many fronts. It is not a "conspiracy theory" it is an agenda. From hospitals to schools the government now claiming they want to become "equal partners" in child raising and start home checks. It is more important than ever before to fight for your family; for your parental rights. The future and safety of your children depends on it and it starts in pregnancy.

Another benefit of midwives is the prenatal care. Instead of a hospital setting where the doctors spend 15 minutes at best with the mother, a midwife will typically spend an hour per appointment. Doctors will hardly get to know a mother but then feel they can decide the fate of the child. Midwives typically get to know the whole family. As do doulas. They actually care as opposed to a hospital that sees putting a woman in a cold room often waiting up to an hour for the doctor and not knowing anything about her or her family as "care."

It's time to step up and take our health into our hands. For the most part birth is not an emergency yet its treated as such causing undo anxiety which is an impairment on the birthing process. Relaxation and calm, stress free environments are key.

Here are just a few medical kidnapping cases. Please read them and know what you'll be up against if you choose hospital birth. And please don't hold the "it can't happen to me" attitude. These parents didn't think it could happen to them either.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lead poisoning, ADD/ADHD, Red-40 Allergy, Fluoride poisoning or....

After the tragic, criminal lead poisoning of Flint, Michigan's children, it is now being reported that schools across the nation are finding rising lead levels in their water.

Lead poisoning symptoms include but are not limited to: learning disability or slow growth, hyperactivity or irritability, aggressive behavior, sleep problems, headaches and loss of developmental skills to name just a few.

Lead is most harmful to children because their brains and nervous systems are still in the developmental stages.  But aside from water pipes, paint and toys, children are being intentionally
exposed to lead by way of vaccines. Yes folks, vaccines contain lead. And if you didn't know, injection is much different on the body than ingestion.

This got me thinking. Are our nations children really being afflicted by ADD/ADHD or is there a more common explanation?

The next section is going to piss off a lot of people. It always does.

ADHD is not real. Yup, I said it. But don't shoot the messenger. Shoot the creator  (probably wouldn't do much since he's already dead). Whilst on his death bed he admitted ADHD was a fictitious disorder created to make more money for guess who... that's right, big pharma. So, I can't help but think ADD is on the same wavelength.
The supposed symptoms of ADD/ADHD are: aggression, excitability, fidgeting, hyperactivity, impulsivity, irritability, compulsions, difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, problem paying attention/short attention span, anger, anxiety, boredom, excitement, or mood swings and learning disabilities.

You can see more here:

But something is gripping the children . What the hell is it? I'm sure a lot of cases fall on parental stupidity and naivety that doctors capitalize on.  I'm sure there are quite a few cases of parental laziness as well.  They don't want to deal with a rambunctious child so immediately search for an ADD/ADHD diagnosis. But for the children who don't have parents like those already listed, but do have symptoms affecting them, what could be the culprit? Is it, in fact, environmental?

Let's take a look at something found in all sorts of things from soaps and shampoos to every day lunch items. Red-40.

Red-40 is a dye. It has a few different names. Allura Red, Food Red, 17, C.I. 16035, FD&C Red, Crimson , Carmine, Carminic acid, Natural Red 4, E 120 and many more. It can even be branded as undefined coloring.

There's many different symptoms of Red-40 allergy. These symptoms can mimic ADD/ADHD  or maybe you could say ADD/ADHD symptoms mimic Red-40 allergy symptoms. These symptoms include: gastrointestinal problems, faster pulse, lack of sleep, poor concentration and hypersensitivity.
After reading this article, I urge you to go around and look at the ingredients in the products in your home. You'll be shocked to find how many products contain it.

More on Red_40 here:

Now onto Fluoride. You can find fluoride in common items such as water and toothpaste. Corrupt dentists sell it as a cure for dental issues when, in fact, it's actually the cause.

Fluoride enhances other drugs. When you combine it with substances in the water it can form even stronger toxins such as Aluminum Fluoride, a known dangerous neurotoxin. So imagine it in conjunction with lead what it could do to a child.

Fluoride poisoning symptoms include: weakness and brain fog, gastrointestinal problems,
increased heart rate, jitters, damage to the nervous system, even cancer.

See more here:

Pesticides. Every year in just about every school in the nation, a flier is sent home to inform parents that pesticides have unnecessarily been sprayed around the schools. According to the Pesticide Action Network, there are about 40 pesticides sprayed around schools. 28 contain carcinogens. 26 damage the nervous system.

So after all this, the question remains is it really ADD (we know ADHD can no longer be in the equation) or are the symptoms from DELIBERATE poisoning at the hands of our sick, twisted, corrupt government? I'll give you a hint.... it ain't ADD.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dear Parents: How Much Longer Are You Going to Allow the War Against Your Children to Continue?

As I read an article yesterday about seventh graders being charged with felonies for putting crushed peppers in their teachers soda, I couldn't help but wonder where parents backbones have gone.

Every day there's a new story about attacks on children in schools but there's hardly a whimper from parents. They might take their stories to the media or complain on a Facebook post but do you notice they hardly ever take their children out of the school and away from the administration that majorly oversteps their boundaries and abuses them and their children?

These days you'll find parents being treated and acting as if they're the children. They allow these schools to tell their kids what they can wear, how they can have their hair, what foods they can have, forced vaccination (California), intrude into family time by sending home mass amounts of homework, Saturday school, keeping parents off campus and even yelling at them.

Parents no longer even have the authority to excuse their own child from school! They must get a note from a doctor of the state if they've had "too many" sick days. They can't decide for their children who is important enough for their child to attend a funeral. Nope, the schools decide that; "immediate family only."  God forbid a family member from another state falls ill and needs help for a few weeks or is in hospice. The schools will not allow you to excuse your own child to attend to the needs of your family.

Children are literally being searched, interrogated by the FBI for assignments given to them, yelled at, called names, hit, grabbed, tied up, isolated, even RAPED at these schools and yet, the schools remain open because parents have allowed it. If you found out a girl was raped in the classroom while the teacher stood by wouldn't you take your child out of that school? I would hope 100% of parents would remove their children but no, that school still stands with children in attendance every school day.

Children are needlessly being suspended or expelled over ridiculous zero tolerance policies where the punishment doesn't fit the non-existent crime. For example, food being chewed into the shape of a gun. For putting their fingers in the shape of a gun, for playing ninja at recess or bringing a toy to school  and the list goes on.

Schools are now taking away traditional recess games like tag, hide and seek, red-rover, touch football and basketball. Some schools no longer allow children to talk to each other at lunch!

Why have parents given up their parental rights and given up protecting their children? Is it fear from possible repercussions? Laziness?  Why do they continuously give these schools a pass and award their bad behavior with daily attendance monies by continuing to allow their children to attend these sick institutions? Have they no undying love for their children?

I am completely baffled by the lack of protection for our country's children! It's pure insanity to me. When parents find out the injustices happening at school they should collectively come together and remove their kids from school until the school unfucks itself! I mean we have a huge percentage of children that cannot even read! Then there's a huge percentage that can read but not past fourth grade level! And you parents think these schools rate to tell YOU what to do? I don't fucking think so!

It's time to stand up, parents! It's time to protect the most precious and valuable things in your lives. It's time to take back these schools and take back your children! Get some mother fucking backbones and do right by you kids already!

There isn't a day in the US this isn't going on.
Watch the videos below. This is just a very small example of what's going on in your children's schools. This is happening across the nation and YOU'RE to blame!