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Monday, August 8, 2016

Why I will NEVER trust ANYTHING Pamela Geller says...not that I ever did

A while back in attempt to make all Muslim countries the same (they're not), Pamela Geller stated on Twitter that Kuwait had executed 20+ gays. Since I had a family member living there at the time, I asked my CHRISTIAN AMERICAN family member if this was true. She stated absolutely not and that the last execution had been about year prior and it was for a child murderer. A few months before that a trio of murderers had been executed but prior to those, the last execution had been about 6 years!

I informed Pamela Geller that the last execution was about a year prior and for a murderer and this is how she answered me:

Now why would she do that? Is she so full of hate that she would dismiss integrity to recant her story? After seeing the Draw Mohammad attackers were managed by the FBI, I wondered if she is part of a government agency that spreads disinfo to further divide the people.
In my research outside of talking to my family member I found nothing to substantiate Gellers claims about Kuwait. I found stories from other countries but not Kuwait.
Either way, there's enough negative things in the world that bunk stories like hers are not needed. Even 10 minutes of research would have shown her error and she could have recanted but instead she blocked me which essentially was blocking truth. And yet, she wants to call Grant Loebs a liar! Pot meet Kettle.

I am not telling you what to do, if you choose to believe everything she says, that's your prerogative but I HIGHLY suggest researching for yourself any of her claims. I find it VERY irresponsible of someone who has so many followers to block someone when an error is pointed out by them. Tells me they HATE truth if it doesn't fit their narrative.

"Truth is treason in an empire of lies" - George Orwell

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