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Friday, July 22, 2016

California Drivers Testing "By the Mile" Technology

Drivers in California are testing technology that would tax drivers per mile they drive. This is of course under the guise of getting rid of the gas tax.

Approximately 5,000 residents across California are taking part in the California Road Charge Pilot program. The study which began in July 2016 will take nine months to complete and will test five different options on how the state can tax drivers. You can be sure the state will go with the option that takes the most money from drivers putting more strain on their already overtaxed wallets.

The five options are as follows:

Odometer charges: Drivers will pay per odometer reading.

Time permits: Drivers will pay for unlimited miles for a specified time period.

Mileage permits: Drivers will prepay for their miles... no word on fees if they go over miles allotted.

Automated mileage reporting with no location data: Drivers will have a device placed in their vehicle that measures and reports miles traveled to a state agency or a private company. They most likely will outsource to a private company outside the state taking more jobs away from Californians just like they did with the unconstitutional red light cameras.

Automated mileage reporting with general location data: Drivers will have a device placed that reports the miles driven to a state agency who bills the driver. But this device also reports the vehicle’s general location, allowing the participant to avoid paying the per-mile charge when driving on private roads or outside the state. It also allows the tyrannical government to know your location at all times. Guess which option they'll most likely choose?

 The bill SB 1077 claims current revenues aren't enough to fix the current road/highway infrastructure even though there's over 8 trillion in tax surplus according to the CAFR and anyone living in California knows damn well the roads are NOT getting fixed and haven't been for years.

Many of the testers admit they're low level commuters which doesn't represent the average California driver at all. The study is looking at a 1.8-cent per-mile charge. For someone who commutes 90 miles round trip five days a week, that would add up to around $421 for the year. But, you know the government never calculates correctly so you can double that fee just to be safe.

One thing that is for sure, the 3 million+ illegal aliens will not be contributing to the repair of the damage they do to our already crumbling roads. Just another tax burden Californians have to suffer thanks to our disgraceful, illegal alien loving government officials.


  1. I thought license plate odd or even driving days would be next. Much easier to account for. Then of of coarse there are the taxes no one pays out there. After January there won't be any illegals there. So it should be OK...Roads are fine here, its the speeding and hundreds of miles of back ups with no police presence on the highways.

  2. And after they tax the shit out of everyone they still probably won't fix the roads any better than the bare minimum as they'll pat themselves on the back through the media .
    I hope the public at large doesn't buy into their bullshit !