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Saturday, October 1, 2016

No, California Did Not Legalize Child Prostitution

Recently an article came out claiming California had legalized child prostitution and the rumor has spread like wildfire. So, let me tell you what REALLY happened.

California decriminalized child prostitution. No, that doesn't mean child prostitution is now legal. It means that children will be considered VICTIMS not prostitutes and will no longer be allowed to get arrested for prostitution and have an arrest record. They will be treated as what they are; victims of sexual assault.

Children cannot consent to sex in California but, if they were trafficked or pimped out and caught by police, they'd be arrested and held in detention centers and given an arrest record when they should have been treated as victims of sex crimes.

So folks, this is actually a good thing. They'll no longer be re-victimized by having an arrest record follow them when they were a victim of a sex crime they had no control over. Please correct anyone you know passing this rumor. California is nuts, but for once, they got something right. Now if we could just get them to reverse forced vaccines and psych meds.


  1. I watched you for years on YT. I was a Marine and I got the feeling you were one too. You have no idea how I miss hearing your curse filled rants on your channel. Got any new videos posted? Miss you beautiful lady.


    1. Word, brotha, word!!! Please come back to US, Port~ God Bless, and Thank You kindly!!! <3

  2. Same here former (0311). Where'd you go miss?
    -Nowadays I'm a photographer w/ graphic design exp. Hit me up if you want some help relaunching TPp!
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