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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Save Dude and Jude From Government Overreach

You know, I am just so sick and tired of government overreach. The government, no matter it be local, state or federal has become so insane and power hungry. This story came to my attention and it just has me LIVID!

Dude and Jude are two deer that The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has decided all of a sudden they want to take away. These deer that have been living peacefully with their owner for FIVE YEARS! No one has complained about these animals. No one has been injured by them. In fact, they live quite a peaceful, low key existence with their owner Rhonda Phelps Crawford.

Rhonda has done everything "right." When the deer were babies, she asked the government permission to keep the animals and they issued her a permit. You may be asking yourself why I put the word right into quotation marks. Well, because I don't feel what she did was right per se. Right by an overreaching government, yes, but not by a free man/woman. Free men and women don't ask the government permission. And look what it's done for her, it's given the government power it does not rate and now her pets are in jeopardy.

The same agency that gave her permission is now taking it away. They have no care or concern for these deer or their owner. They just see an opportunity to have power and use it. THAT'S IT!

There is no reason to take these deer. They're not abused. They're not a nuisance. They're not harming anyone. They're just an easy target for a disgusting, power tripping agency.

I realize Rhonda, Dude and Jude's story is just one of many.  But we need to stand up and help EVERY TIME we come across one of these stories. It's what we're supposed to do; not cower and let them get their unconstitutional way.

I will put a link below to Rhonda's petition. Please sign it and share it. Let this agency see how many eyes are watching them. Let them know we're no longer going to accept these unconstitutional abuses. WE THE PEOPLE want her to keep her pets!

How much more overreach are we going to accept? We've seen people lose their pets, farm animals, homes, businesses and even their children from these tyrannical government agencies If you don't stand up now who will be there for you when they come for your pets, farm animals, homes, businesses and/or children?

It's time to start being better Americans It's time to take your freedom back and keep it.

Please don't pass this up because "it's only deer." That complacent attitude is what has gotten America in the trouble that it's in now! Thinking someone else will take care of it; a passing the buck attitude (pun intended) is how our government has become the tyrannical beast that it is. It's time to stop being comfortable. It's time to turn off those mind numbing television sets , get uncomfortable and start standing up against these blatant overreaches. Start today by helping Rhonda.

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